New range from Beau Bespoke

This review was a real treat. Julianne contacted me when she was in the final testing stages for her new range of cloth sanitary pads, asking if I’d like to do a review to coincide with the big launch. I was delighted to be asked and I couldn’t quite believe it when this little bundle turned up!


Beautiful! The Beau Bespoke brand is already well-established in making cloth nappies and that experience really shows in the quality of her pads.

Julianne sent an amazing range of sizes, absorbencies and fabrics for me to try. Wow!


Here’s the science bit for all you hardened pad lovers! From left to right:

LIGHT: Eight inches, cotton-topped, bamboo fleece core, polyfleece backing

MEDIUM: Ten inches, cotton-topped, hemp fleece and bamboo fleece core, polyfleece backing

HEAVY: Eleven inches, cotton-topped, hemp fleece and zorb core, PUL layer and microfleece backing

NIGHT: Thirteen inches, bamboo velour-topped (hand-dyed by Rainbow Threads, although Julianne also dyes her own), a core of hemp fleece, zorb and bamboo towelling, PUL layer and microfleece backing.


I received these pads towards the end of my period so my flow was very light but I was so excited about this night pad I had to wear it anyway! So I can’t really comment on absorbency because I didn’t get to test it to its limit but it was certainly comfy for overnight wear. Very soft. Great coverage. This isn’t a thin pad. It’s fairly chunky but I know lots of people (me included) like to be able to feel that they’re well covered at night. Like a mini pillow in my kecks! It washed really well. It has a super absorbent core so it did take a little longer to dry than some of my other heavy pads.

I really love that the absorbency is marked by the letters on the central stitching, along with the ‘Beau’ brand name. It’s a lovely detail that I haven’t seen before. The sewing is immaculate.


I wore the little strawberry print light pad the following day. This was the final day of my period so flow was very light. Just spotting really. I must admit, this pad was a little short for me so I did get a bit of a wedgie. But this is no fault of the pad at all. It’s just that my body shape (ahem … big bum) is more suited to longer pads. Nevertheless it did its job well and didn’t move about or slip at all. And it washed well. I always worry about staining on lighter fabrics like this but it came out sparkly clean first time. It would be a great pad for more petite people and it’ll be going into my eldest daughter’s growing stash for when she’s older. She really likes the kitsch floral print and practically bit my hand off when I asked if she’d like it!

But I’ll say it again (and I’m going to use ALL the formatting buttons just in case you didn’t get it the first time), it’s the QUALITY that stands out. These are very well made pads. The rounded flare gives fabulous coverage and the fabrics and stitching are stunning.

To celebrate the big launch, Beau Bespoke is currently offering £1.00 off the price of all light to heavy pads; £2.00 off all night/postpartum pads AND if you order three or more, you’ll get a little waterproof pad pocket absolutely FREE! Now that is a great offer!

Pop over to the Beau Bespoke Facebook page and have a nosey through the photo albums. You might see something you like…

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6 thoughts on “New range from Beau Bespoke

  1. Anais June 27, 2014 at 20:06 Reply

    Lovely review Lucy! Can’t wait to get my Beau fluff!!!! ^_^

  2. Malene M July 27, 2014 at 18:11 Reply

    I can’t wait to receive my Beau Bespoke pads. I’m like a child waiting for Christmas. 😀

    • The Pie Patch July 27, 2014 at 18:18 Reply

      Me too! I was so impressed with my review samples, I ordered more. Cannot wait for hand-dyed Egyptian cotton!

  3. Nadiainthesky January 13, 2016 at 17:22 Reply

    Do you know if the shop is still active?

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