Muff Chat Monday: Earthwise Girls and AngelPadz

I hadn’t heard of AngelPadz until I took part in a fun giveaway on the Earthwise Girls Facebook page. It was a competition to “guess what’s in this box” and the prize was whatever was inside. I scrolled back through the page and noticed a post from a few days earlier saying they were expecting a delivery of AngelPadz. Sometimes two add two really does equal four! So by the power my super sleuth detective skills I bagged myself a free pad! Awesomeballs.

Delivery was super fast and Christine from Earthwise Girls was lovely to deal with. There were a few fabrics and lengths I could choose from AND she sent free sweets! I was forced to share them with the mini beast but still – sweets! Happy days.


I chose this adorable cotton flannel tortoise print, which is exclusive to the Earthwise Girls website. The pad came with a handy sticker on the back to remind me what I’d chosen.

It’s a size medium, which is 10.75 inches long and three inches wide when poppered shut. It is backed in PUL, has two layers of bamboo fleece for the inner core and two press-studs to fasten it.


I must admit, the PUL was a bit more rustly than I’m used to but only when I was handling it. Once I was wearing it, I didn’t notice it at all.

I know some people are put off buying cotton flannel because they think it might bobble easily. I think this very much depends on the quality of the flannel and this seems very good to me. There isn’t any pilling or bobbling after one wash.


A medium pad like this is good value at between £5.00 and £5.25 and there are lots of variations available on both websites. It’s a great stash builder for people who want pretty fabrics on a smaller budget.

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