The week Porky Pig came to stay

This month the butcher sold me a ridiculously ginormous piece of pork. It was VAST. I’d fully intended to follow Jamie Oliver’s advice and roast a big joint for Sunday dinner, then use the leftovers for another meal that week. So I asked Scott, my butcher, for a boneless crackling joint that would feed eight people. He said he had a big bit that he would sell me for £20 as a special deal. It seems a lot of money but I knew we’d get a lot of meals out of it. I didn’t actually see the joint until he delivered it that evening…



I had to rearrange my entire freezer to fit it in. Then it took DAYS to defrost again. I couldn’t even weigh it on my silly kitchen scales. I have no idea how much it weighed but was a similar size to the torso of my two year-old. I planned to slow roast it for four or five hours though, so an exact weight wasn’t really necessary.

On the Sunday we had a proper roast with crackling and all the trimmings.


This fed the four of us, plus another portion of roast dinner for The Husband’s lunch the next day, and some cold cuts for my eldest’s sandwich in her packed lunch too. But we’d barely touched the joint. The was still A LOT left.

Monday was BBQ pulled pork with baked sweet potatoes and sweetcorn. Again, I made enough for five portions, one for The Husband’s lunch the following day.


The kids really liked this one. My toddler still struggles to chew meat sometimes but this was lovely and soft and easy to eat.

Tuesday I made a weird sort of spagbol ragu type dish.


The meat was already packed full of flavour so I didn’t really have to do much with it.

The following Saturday I sliced off some cold cuts so we could all have sandwiches for lunch. The Husband bought some decent rolls from the local bakery and I used proper butter, crispy iceberg lettuce and salad cream.

I finally used up the last of the joint tonight for chilli con carne, served with soured cream, grated cheddar and tortilla chips.


I added up that from our £20 joint, I made 25 meals. That’s 80 pence per portion of meat! Obviously, there were a lot of other ingredients that went into the meals but none of them particularly expensive or fancy. And if you start getting a bit sick at the thought of all that pork, you can always cook batches of meals to freeze and spread them out through the whole month, rather than one week.

So next time you wince at the price of a massive joint, with a bit of crafty cooking it could feed you for longer than you might think! Thrifty meals, less waste, proper family food.

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3 thoughts on “The week Porky Pig came to stay

  1. Jo Langthorne May 29, 2014 at 08:50 Reply

    I love it when meals “tumble down” and go on giving! The BBQ’d pulled pork looks abs. delicious!

  2. nessypie May 29, 2014 at 09:13 Reply

    Yum yum it’s def worth doing 🙂 x

  3. tinabakesbread May 30, 2014 at 20:52 Reply

    Wow, that is quite a bit of meat. But I love making so many other meals out of it. We are all about leftovers here. Delicious.

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