Rainy days and holidays

Yesterday was the first day of the half term holidays. So naturally it was bucketing down. All day. It all started off well enough. Chilling on the sofa with a film.


But small people never stay still for long, do they. So what to do with two couped-up children? Set them loose on the PVA glue, of course!

We have a huge roll of cheapy paper that’s great for those little art projects that you want to treasure forever*.

(*throw into the recycling sack as soon as the kids aren’t looking)

It’s great because you can use as much or as little as you like. We put a big plastic table cloth out then cover the entire table with paper. They both have aprons to wear and remember to tie their hair up (we learnt this one the hard way!). Then give them any bits of paper you have lying about – we have coloured paper, sequins, foam shapes, shredded tissue paper and all sorts. But most kids will be just as happy with yesterday’s newspaper and an old cereal box. Anything they can tear up and stick down.


Now I know I’m usually the one banging on about reusing, recycling and being all eco friendly BUT when it comes to kids and messy play, disposable is your friend. We’ve got a massive bottle of PVA glue from Hobbycraft. I squirt a bit into two paper cups (one for each child – avoids bickering!). They have some plastic spatulas from Early Learning Centre, which are very easy to wash. Have wet wipes and a sink of water ready and waiting. When they’ve had enough, the paper cups go straight in the bin and the sticky beasts are ushered straight over to the sink.

What next? At this point, it had gone really dark outside and the thunder clouds were rolling in. So of course, I threw them out into it for half an hour! Coats, hats and wellies. The toddler has a waterproof all-in-one, which has saved us from many a muddy bum! The Husband gave one of them a giant golfing umbrella, until I pointed out the safety risk of a small child holding a long metal stick in the middle of a thunderstorm. Such fun! But children really don’t mind getting wet. They love it!


And me and Him got to sit down with a coffee in the peace and quiet for half an hour. Lovely. When they reappeared, bedraggled and tired, I stripped them off on the doormat and sent them upstairs for their PJs. And what better way to warm up than with hot chocolate and cookies!


So we just about survived the rainy day, just as long as it doesn’t rain again!

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