Muff Chat Monday: Dimplemuff

I was contacted last month by Claire, the wonderful woman behind the Dimplebum brand. Dimplebum is the name of her cloth nappy business, which expanded some time ago to include Dimplemuff cloth sanitary products (CSPs).

I’m already a Dimplemuff customer, owning a fair few of her nine and a half-inch liners. They have wide wrap-around wings and are long enough to avoid the dreaded CSP wedgie!


Anyhoo, Claire had been working on a new design of night/postpartum pad and wanted to know if I’d test it for her. She didn’t need to ask twice. I was all over it from the get-go! And here it is…


Please note the supremely awesome superheroine fabric choice. It’s a good 12 inches long with a whopping three layers of zorb inside. This one is a cotton top with microfleece backing and an extra snap to ensure a good fit.

Now I haven’t got one of her old night pads to compare but I do have an 11-inch heavy which shows the difference in shape really well:


Ignore the difference in length, you can see how the new design is much more contoured. It flares out at both ends to avoid any leaks off the edge. It tapers in the middle for a fairly narrow gusset, which makes it more comfortable to wear, gives a tighter fit, and lessens any bunching up.

The shape is even more apparent with the wings closed…


It really does nip in at the middle. This gives a really snug fit in your knickers and helps to prevent the pad from slipping backwards while you’re wearing it.

This isn’t a criticism of the original design at all. The straighter shape gives good coverage, feels comfortable to wear and, as I said before, the wide wrap-around wings give a good amount of protection from side leakage.

I wore the new design pad for ten hours overnight during the heaviest part of my period so it really took a hammering. You know those mornings when you feel you need to get out of bed early to change coz you don’t trust a pad for a minute longer? I didn’t have that feeling at all with this pad. By morning it still felt comfortable. There was no bleed-through and no leakage off the sides, front or back.

When it came to washing the pad at the end of my cycle, the lighter-coloured cotton top did have a slight stain after the first wash. But a little bit of Ecover stain stick, another quick wash and a few hours hanging in the sun did the trick.

So I guess this just demonstrates the diversity and choice available from cloth makers. You can find any length, shape, fabric and absorbency of pad to suit. They are tailor made for our individual needs on any given day of our cycles. If you like the look of any of Claire’s pads, have a wander over to the Dimplemuff website.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent the prototype pad free of charge for testing purposes.

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