Lucy’s List – May (week 2)

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days here lately. The Bank Holiday weekend was fab. We spent most of it in the back garden, with the kids coming in at teatime all grubby and sticky and beaming.

It’s put me in the spring/summer mood and I’m starting to feel the need for a lighter meal plan. The stews and stodge are phasing out; veggies and salads are creeping in.

What are your favourite meals once the weather starts warming up?

MONDAY: Bank Holiday brunch – poached eggs, bacon, grilled flat mushrooms, beans, fried bread

TUESDAY: baked salmon in honey, soy and ginger with veggie fried rice


WEDNESDAY: quiche, new potatoes and salad

THURSDAY: spicy squash and chickpea stew with bulgar wheat

FRIDAY: minced beef and onion pie, mash and peas

SATURDAY: gammon, oven chips and beans

SUNDAY: roast lamb, spuds, carrots, green beans, mint sauce and gravy

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