Takeaway.com: A review

I write a lot about healthy eating, cooking from scratch and achieving a balanced lifestyle. And this is how I try to live my life. It’s the environment I want my girls to experience while they’re growing up.

But anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE a takeaway. To me a balanced lifestyle means “everything in moderation”. There is no such thing as a “bad” food. There is no “guilty pleasure”. All food should be pleasurable and there is no guilt in that. And that includes the odd takeaway.

So when takeaway.com offered me a voucher code to use on their website, I drooled all over my laptop and practically bit off the proverbial hand that feeds me.

They have a website and a free app. I had a look at both and both are very easy to use. You just type in your postcode…



… and it comes up with a list of takeaway restaurants nearby.



If you’re not at home, there is an option on the app to use GPS. All very spangly high tech, eh!

It tells you which ones are already open. You can pre-order from the ones that aren’t open yet and when you come to place the order it tells you the earliest available delivery time.

We chose a local Indian restaurant.


From this point, it’s a very similar process to any online shop. You select what you want and it’s added to your basket. Very easy.

Then you just proceed to the checkout. There are options to pay by cash, debit/credit card or PayPal (a 50p surcharge is added for PayPal orders).

The only slight niggle I have is that I could not find anywhere on the mobile app to enter a voucher code. I had to boot up the laptop and go through the whole order again. The option for a voucher code is very clear on the website.

I was informed my that my order would be delivered at 6.15pm and it arrived absolutely spot on. And because it was already paid for, there was no faffing about with money and hoping the delivery driver had enough change.

Great service. Great food.


I recevied no payment for this post. I was given a voucher code for the purpose of testing and reviewing the website.

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