Baby and Toddler Show, Bluewater: Bambooty, Cheeky Mama and more.

I was lucky enough to be gifted some free tickets to the Baby and Toddler Show at Bluewater today by one of my Twitter buddies. I was worried that there might not be anything relevant for us, seeing as my youngest is now two and a half years old! Admittedly most of the stands were geared towards expectant mums and under-ones but there were a few toddler gems too.


Cloth nappies

I bought some XL Bambooty Easy Night cloth nappies while I was there. They had lots of different designs to choose from.


Iris is already dry during the day but nowhere near being dry at night. She out-pees the cloth training pants we bought, as well as all our normal cloth nappies and sometimes the disposables too! We’ve cut down on how much she drinks before bedtime but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. She just isn’t aware of her bladder at night yet. And that’s ok. Hopefully these super absorbent nappies will help until she’s ready. They have FOUR bamboo soakers inside so they should do the trick!



Cloth wipes and cloth pads

I was excited to see the Cheeky Wipes stall. I already use their wipes for sticky hands and faces and cleaning up all manner of messes. I blogged about giving up disposable wetwipes here.

You may also recall, I recently reviewed one of their new Cheeky Mama cloth sanitary pads (read it here). Well I’m very pleased to say they have extended the range and are now fully stocked with pantyliners and night pads too. I had a lovely chat with Helen and nabbed myself one of the night pads while I was at it!


They have introduced a bamboo charcoal topping fabric, which is ace if you’re worried about staining. This one is 11 inches long and has an extra absorbent layer inside, three layers of microfibre in total. And the best bit? It’s only a fiver! FIVE QUID! That’s a silly price for a heavy absorbency pad.


And it gets even better! To celebrate Real Nappy Week, there is a 25 per cent discount on everything (wipes, pads and accessories) at Cheeky Wipes until 4th May. So if you’re even just a tiny bit curious about making the switch to alternative menstrual products, now is the time to try it!



My toddler is a messy eater. There’s no getting around it. Despite all my coaxing, she hasn’t grasped any sort of table manners at all … yet. We already have a couple of bibs with a built-in pouch so we were instantly attracted to the Bibisili stand at Bluewater. None of our existing bibs are shaped or printed with characters. These are much more fun!


I let Iris choose her own designs. She picked a tiger and a black cat. We headed straight off for lunch at a Lebanese restaurant (Comptoir Libanais – excellent service, scrummy food, delicious soft drinks) and put the tiger bib to good use. They call the pouch a “crumb catcher”. In the case of my child, it’s more likely to catch half a pint of gravy and most of her peas. Better in the bib than on her clothes, I say!




Finally, I met a lovely lady called Roamy from the Eastbourne Sling Library. She was helping out near the entrance, hiring out slings to parents who didn’t want to run the buggy gauntlet inside the show. It really was rammed full of prams inside. We knew it would be, so took our own Hop Tye mei tai style carrier with us.

Iris is tall for her age and has almost outgrown it. But I’d like to still have the option of a carrier coz: a) Iris loves being in it; and b) sometimes it’s just so much easier than taking the pushchair. So I took the chance to ask whether there are any carriers for older toddlers. Turns out there are! The lady mentioned a couple of names and said if I contacted her through the Sling Library’s website, she’d send me a list. So helpful!


So all in all, a pretty good few hours. The show is on all weekend if you fancy popping along. We certainly came out poorer than we went in, despite the super bargains and discounts we found. We also came out with a green bouncy dragon. As you do…



I didn’t receive any payment for these reviews. They are simply products I bought and liked!

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2 thoughts on “Baby and Toddler Show, Bluewater: Bambooty, Cheeky Mama and more.

  1. tiasmum12 April 25, 2014 at 20:49 Reply

    Yay you got a happy hopperz!! We adore our cow one 🙂 so so gutted I missed you, but we will meet and ASAP xx

    • The Pie Patch April 25, 2014 at 20:56 Reply

      It WILL happen one day! Iris hasn’t left the dragon alone all afternoon. She had to kiss it goodnight before she went up tonight. Her new best mate!

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