Cloth pads: Absorbency markers

I used to keep a little index card in the box with my cloth sanitary pads (CSPs) to remind me how each maker marked the absorbency of their pads. Some use a different coloured popper, some use different stitching, some only make each absorbency in one length, some you can feel from the thickness of the pad.

Now my stash has grown … quite a lot. Mainly coz I CAN’T STOP BUYING THEM!!! And my card got quite full up and it started getting a bit confusing. So I made a spreadsheet. Oh, yeah. Rock and roll. Coz that’s the sort of crazy shizzle that goes down in my crib on a Sunday night. You’re jealous, aren’t you? Knew it.

Anyway, I started contacting the few makers I wasn’t sure about. And they were all as lovely and helpful as always. So I thought perhaps, if I was doing it anyway, I might as well share it with you lot. Then you can refer back to it. Or print it out and keep it with your own stashes. Links to the makers’ websites can be found in a separate list here.

I’ve only included the makers I currently own. But if any other makers are interested in joining the list, please do contact me (email: Just let me know your system and I’ll update the list.

I had a technical nightmare trying to import a table into the blog without killing the whole interweb dead. So I’ve posted it below as a screenshot and got it floating above us in the stratosphere instead. It works on my laptop and phone so hopefully it will for you too. Click it at your peril! Here is the link.


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