Belo and Me lunch bags: A review

You may recall I’ve blogged before about packed lunches and how to make them a bit more appealing. You can read that post here.

I’ve also written before about being a bit environmentally friendly with the packaging we use in the kitchen. That post is here.

So when Belo and Me offered to send me one of their lunch bags to review, it seemed to fit very well with things that already interest me.


The bag is made from jute fibre, which is 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable. I was able to choose from a wide range of colours and prints. I love purple and I love dragonflies. It also arrived very quickly! Perfect.

It was immediately nicked by my toddler, who piled it full of toys and declared it was hers. Sigh.


It’s a great size for toddlers to play at shopping. For parents of toddlers, it’ll carry a couple of nappies, a packet of wipes, a bottle and a snack for short trips. You could even buy one as a pretty gift bag for a special present.

It also happens to be the perfect size for a lunch bag. Pre-children I used to commute to London for work and this is just the ticket for carrying a grown-up packed lunch.

My older child really liked the colour and asked lots of questions about how they get the picture on the bag. Her school lunch fits easily inside with room to spare – a small bottle of water, a carton of juice, a sandwich, a tomato, a snack bar, a yoghurt and a paper napkin.


If I had one criticism, it’s that the bag doesn’t close. So it might not be the best idea on a rainy day. An elastic loop and a button on the top would help with this.

Aside from this, at ¬£3.75 (plus postage) it’s a good price for a sturdy little bag that will come in handy for all sorts of things and last for years.

I received no payment for this post. I was sent one Belo and Me lunch bag free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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