Muff chat: Why choose cloth?

WARNING: This post discusses periods and fannies and stuff. If you’re of a delicate disposition or looking for my burger recipe, you’re in the wrong place!

Just thought I’d post a little updated stash shot for my fluff-loving readers.


Since the last stash shot (which you can see here), I’ve sold almost all of my minky topped cloth sanitary pads (CSPs). Although very soft and snuggly, it is still a synthetic material and I was finding that it irritated my skin. Not as badly as disposables but enough to put me off. Don’t let that put you off though. I know lots of cloth users who love their minky pads. It just doesn’t work for me. I still have a few bamboo velour but the vast majority of my pads are now cotton.

I also have a spangly new storage stack for them. Look!


Rainbow drawers! Pretty, eh? I’ve organised them. NERD ALERT! Liners and lights in the top, then moderate, heavy and night pads. Finally in the bottom drawer are my wet/dry bags and a few pads that my seven year-old has bagsied “for when I’m older”. I might have also made an uber-geeky index card to help me remember how each maker marks out the absorbency of their pads (some use labels, different coloured poppers, different stitching, etc).

I’ve bought a lot more moderate pads and liners. I’d heard a lot of anecdotal evidence claiming that switching from disposables to CSP can change your periods. I admit that my initial reaction to this was a great big “PAH!” It sounds like new age hippy dippy pseudo-science. The theory is that ditching the chemicals found in disposable products can lead to shorter, lighter and less painful periods. Some believe that mega absorbent chemical products directly in contact with your skin for a long time can dry out your entire lady garden region and cause more pain. It would be interesting to see some proper research done into this. Sadly small-scale cloth makers don’t have the same budgets as disposable companies though.

I used cloth for about eight months without really noticing any difference in my periods. Mine lasted at least seven days – heavy and crampy for the first three days, then regular for the remaining four days, then a few days of tapering off with very light flow. After eight months of cloth I thought I’d proved my sceptical brain right. Then I had one particularly heavy period that was really painful. And since then my periods really HAVE changed.

It’s weird coz I really didn’t believe it was true until it happened. Now my period lasts about five or six days. Two heavy days then almost nothing. Just a few days of very light spotting. Almost no pain. Of course this could be a natural change in my cycle that would’ve happened anyway. I’ve had two children and I’m in my thirties now. I guess there’s no way of knowing either way.

But I AM a lot happier since switching. Weird innit. Of course shorter periods mean I don’t get time to use more of my pretty pads, which is supremely irritating. And the thought of menopause gives me The Fear. But if you asked me why I switched to cloth pads? Apart from saving the planet, having a selection of beautiful pads to choose from makes periods fun. FUN! No, really. It’s true!

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One thought on “Muff chat: Why choose cloth?

  1. nessypie April 21, 2014 at 20:23 Reply

    It really does i can’t wait till next month to try my new cloth I ordered. I personally got on ok with minky but everyone is different and yes it does make them lighter. Makes sense with all those chemicals that your body bleeds for longer x

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