Maille Culinary Challenge: Part 2

This is another meal I made using the ingredients I was given for the Maille Culinary challenge. You can read my recipe for beef stroganoff here.

This time I made a classic steak sandwich served with honey and mustard glazed vegetables. Quick and easy to make but so satisfying. It is also the messiest food in the world EVER. You need to eat this alone or with people you know and trust enough not to tweet photos of you with sticky sauce running down your chin. Have plenty of napkins handy. And maybe some wet wipes. And a hose. Just in case.


4 ciabatta rolls
Shredded lettuce
4 tbs Ketchup
Handful of Maille extra small gherkins
2 steaks

For the veggies:
2 peppers, sliced into strips
1 onion, finely sliced
4 mushrooms, slice
2 tbs runny honey
1 tsp soy sauce
Splash of Worcester sauce
1 tbs Maille fresh wholegrain mustard



First things first, put some oil to heat in a large frying pan.

Meanwhile, get your serving plates ready. Slice open the rolls and arrange on the plates. Put a dollop of ketchup on each roll and add some lettuce to each plate as a garnish.

Put all the sliced vegetables into the hot pan.


Fry them quickly until well cooked with some colour on them. While this is happening, put another pan on a high heat for the steak and prepare your meat. Pat the steaks dry, rub them over with oil and black pepper. I don’t add salt because I’m cooking for children and the glaze contains soy sauce, which is quite salty by itself. The butcher gave me four steaks but really two would’ve been plenty.


When the pan is very hot, put the steaks on to cook however you like them done. I like mine medium rare, which needs about four minutes-ish each side. But it’s your food so do it however you like.

Meanwhile add the honey, soy sauce, Worcester sauce and Maille mustard to the vegetables and reduce the heat slightly.


By the time the steak is cooked and rested, this liquid should have reduced down to a sticky glaze.


Slice the rested steak and place in the rolls.


Pile the sticky sweet veggies on top. If you can squeeze some Maille extra small gherkins into the bun, do it. I had to serve mine on the side.


Get stuck in. But don’t forget the napkins!


I was not paid for this post. I was sent two Maille products to use free of charge as my entry into the Maille Culinary Challenge competition.


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4 thoughts on “Maille Culinary Challenge: Part 2

  1. emilytealady April 16, 2014 at 09:03 Reply

    This looks delicious. I love steak.

  2. Ruth Cundy July 24, 2015 at 11:00 Reply

    I made the veg part of this recipe last night and had it on top of a burger. I teamed it up with a broccoli salad (broccoli, carrot, red cabbage, cranberries and cashew nuts in a very small amount of dressing) and i seriously thought i was in heaven!!! can’t wait to do it again!!

    • The Pie Patch July 24, 2015 at 11:12 Reply

      Yay! It’s very sticky & sweet. Not made this for a while. You’ve just reminded me! Your salad sounds ace too.

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