Lucy’s List – April (week 2)

Me and the kids are home alone for most of this week. The eldest has broken up for Easter but The Husband still has another week to go. So I’ve got a few things planned to keep them entertained. Today we’re taking some books back to the library where my aunt works. Then we have a day out planned with my best mate later in the week. We’ll also make some chocolate nests for Easter in between trips to the park and maybe getting the paints out. Cheap and cheerful. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep them happy. Hit me with your ideas for school holidays!

Here’s this week’s meal plan. To be honest, nothing seems as exciting since last week’s London food tour. You can read about it here. But read this first or this will seem really pants afterwards.

THURSDAY: cheese, mushroom and bacon tagliatelle


FRIDAY: beef stroganoff, rye bread and pickles

SATURDAY: shepherd’s pie and peas

SUNDAY: roast at my mum’s

MONDAY: tuna pasta bake

TUESDAY: roast chicken, spuds, carrots, green beans, bread sauce, gravy

WEDNESDAY: bacon and onion suet roly poly, mash and peas

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