Lucy’s List – March (week 4)

Lately my children have been a little … umm … challenging. Yes. Let’s say challenging, rather than driving me absolutely stark staring bonkers.

The toddler is behaving exactly as two-year old should. Defiant. Testing her boundaries. Challenging authority. Teething. Dribbly. Sticky. Messy. Deliberately wetting herself whenever she throws a tantrum over not getting her own way. FOUR TIMES yesterday. And also developing at an amazing rate as well as being utterly adorable in between.

The older one is behaving exactly as a nearly-eight-year old should. Defiant. Testing her boundaries. Challenging authority. Frequently flouncing, stomping, door-slamming. Full of Da Attitood because of course she knows better than her stupid, embarrassing parents. As well as being wickedly smart and cool and unique and sensitive and kind in between.

Of course I love my children. Of course I do. Why else would I spend every waking hour (and a fair few sleeping hours too) thinking about whether I’m doing it all wrong and screwing them up for life? But bloody hell it isn’t half exhausting.

Anyway, that is the reason why last night I deviated from this week’s meal plan. I gave the kids tinned spaghetti on toast, the husband packed them off to bed, then we ordered pizzas bigger than our own heads and pigged out. HURRAH!

I dream of weekend mini breaks in sophisticated cities and country cottages. I long for evenings at the cinema or a grown-up restaurant. Maybe it’ll happen one day. But in the meantime, some melted cheese and refined carbs is just enough to recharge my batteries.

THURSDAY: chicken and sweet potato one-tray roast

FRIDAY: hangover noodles with fried eggs


SATURDAY: bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts, new potatoes and green beans

SUNDAY: proper teatime – sausage rolls, sardines on toast, coleslaw, cakes and Eton mess

MONDAY: crab spring rolls and veggie fried rice


WEDNESDAY: pork chops, jacket potatoes and veg

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