Lucy’s List – March (week 2)

Feeling a bit uninspired this week. Don’t get me wrong, our meals this week have been tasty and mostly home cooked. The recipe for hedgehog pie that my Grandma sent was brilliant fun on World Book Day. But I haven’t had any new ideas pop into my head. Usually, even when doing tried and tested family food, I’ll have a flash of inspiration while I’m in the kitchen. A different ingredient to try or I’ll tweak the herbs and spices to liven it up a bit. But this week? Nuffink. Not a sausage (actually … REALLY no sausages).

So what do you do when you need inspiration for dinner? How do you revive your cooking mojo?

THURSDAY: hedgehog pie and baked beans

FRIDAY: pizza and garlic bread

SATURDAY: sirloin steak, jackets, flat mushrooms and peas


SUNDAY: slow roasted belly pork, roast spuds, red cabbage and apple sauce


MONDAY: beefburgers in buns and homemade onion rings

TUESDAY: broccoli and cauliflower cheesy potato bake

WEDNESDAY: freezer food (fish fingers, waffles and mixed veg)

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