Lucy’s List – March (week 1)

We’re already into Spring! This is probably my favourite time of year, when it’s not raining of course. Lots of cold, dry, sunny days but without being too hot and sweaty. I greatly dislike sweat. Blossom trees. Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils. Being able to hang washing outside for a good airing in a fresh breeze. Everything coming back to life after the long, dark Winter. Sadly there aren’t any frolicking lambs round these parts or I’d include those too. Except they’re more likely to be thrown in a stew and eaten if they come near my house. Poor little lambs.

Anyway, I digress. I had a fruitful visit to the butcher this month. Or rather he had a fruitful visit from me, given that he flogged me a load of pork chops I didn’t ask for. But they were a bargain and they’ve gone into the freezer. I may well save them for Mother’s Day at the end of March and feed them to my parents. So for £55 in total, I got:

12 rashers of bacon
1lb lamb mince
3 sirloin steaks
3 boneless lamb neck fillets
2lb sausagemeat
3lb steak mince
6 chicken breasts
4 chicken quarters
11 (yes, ELEVEN!) pork chops.

Not bad at all, eh?! And I already had some belly pork strips and sausages left in my freezer so we’re in for a good month! But let’s start with this week. Here’s what’s on the menu at my house:

THURSDAY: bacon and onion roly poly, mash, broccoli and gravy

FRIDAY: chickpea curry, parathas and brown basmati

SATURDAY: chilli beef fajitas with lettuce, soured cream and grated cheddar

SUNDAY: shepherds pie and peas

MONDAY: scampi, oven chips and sweetcorn


WEDNESDAY: birthday tea at a friend’s house

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