Lucy’s list – January (week 4)

It’s the last week of January and we’re all trying to squeeze meals from the last few bits in the freezer, while we wait for payday to creep round.

In terms of meat, it’s not really a problem for us coz we shop at the butcher’s and plan meals for the entire month. So there is always some decent meat left in the freezer.

More of an issue is the fresh vegetables I buy weekly. Sometimes in the last week before payday we don’t have much money left to buy anything adventurous. So I have to make the most of the staple veg that I always have in stock, no matter how skint we are: peas, sweetcorn and mixed veg (in the freezer); onions (in a bowl by the spice rack); and carrots and spuds (in the fridge). Plus there are always tins of baked beans and chopped tomatoes in the cupboard. You can make a half decent meal out of these super cheap ingredients. You could add eggs, mince, or sausages. Or maybe noodles, pasta or rice and knock up something filling and tasty.

What are your top tips for making the most of what’s left?

THURSDAY: lamb chops, jackets and peas

FRIDAY: lentil and chickpea curry, brown rice and naan

SATURDAY: Burns’ Night supper (an annual traditional in our house for The Husband, who is a little bit “och aye the noo”)

SUNDAY: slow roast beef, red cabbage, carrots, spuds and Yorkshire puddings

MONDAY: crab and sweetcorn noodle soup

TUESDAY: sticky mustard pork steaks, jackets and peas

WEDNESDAY: rainbow veggie bulgar wheat

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