Mega sausage roll (serves 6-8)

This isn’t real cooking. It’s a great big massive cheat. Really it’s just assembling lots of ready made ingredients. But you know what? Who cares? Not me. Coz this is super cheap, super tasty, super easy, family food.

I usually get my sausage meat from the butcher. It’s delicious and already packed with herbs and seasoning so I really never need to add anything to it.  But I saw some packs in the reduced fridge at Tesco just after Christmas. I honestly couldn’t tell you how much it usually costs from the butcher but this was £1.40 for 375g (a bit under 1lb). Seemed a bargain so I bought two packs for the freezer.

Honestly? It wasn’t as good as the butcher’s. It was a bit smoother in texture and didn’t look like it had much flavour. But that’s fine coz I just added my own. So you might want to tweak this recipe depending on how much you want to add to your own sausage meat. I also think 375g is an odd amount and I could probably have used both packs instead of just the one, or the round pound I get from the butcher.

Anyway, it was still really scrummy and I’d definitely make it again. It easily fed the four of us with three portions left for the husband’s packed lunches for the week. I think it’ll be just as tasty cold.

This would make a good picnic food for the summer months. Or you could make lots of little ones for a kids’ party by cutting the pastry in half lengthways and splitting the filling between the two halves. Cut them into little sausage rolls before cooking. They’ll need less time than the huge one.


1lb sausagemeat
1 pack of ready-rolled pastry (I used puff)
4 tbs caramelised onion chutney
1 tsp dried sage
Parmesan for grating
Black pepper
Egg for brushing
Sesame seeds (optional)



Get your pack of pastry out of the fridge and turn the oven on to pre-heat at 200 degrees.

Lightly grease and dust a large baking tray.

Unroll the pastry onto the baking tray and spread the chutney all over in a thin layer.


Squidge the sausage meat into a long … err … sausage shape. Obviously. Make sure it’s slightly to one side of the pastry, not in the middle. And try to get it right up to the edge to avoid a disappointing empty space at the end!

Sprinkle the dried sage and seasoning on top as well as a generous grating of parmesan. I nicked this idea from Jamie Oliver. It really does make a difference to the flavour.


Now roll it up! Give it an egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds to make it look a bit prettier.

Bake for a good 30 to 35 minutes til it’s lovely and dark and crispy. Mine had a bit of a soggy bottom which, contrary to what Paul Hollywood might say, I rather like.

And behold! The Mega Sausage Roll!


It’s a beast, isn’t it?! Blooming tasty though.



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3 thoughts on “Mega sausage roll (serves 6-8)

  1. tinabakesbread January 20, 2014 at 20:39 Reply

    I am so happy you posted this as I was wanting a sausage roll after you posted the last Lucy’s List.
    Looks Yummy

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