Lucy’s List – January (week 3)

Bit of an easier meal plan this week. I seem to be constantly flitting from one apppintment to another at the moment – not my own social life, you understand. Ha! Of course not! No. It’s all Bouncing Tots, choir practice, karate class, playdates and parents evenings this week. Thrilling, eh?!

So my menu is all stuff that can be prepared beforehand and left in the fridge until I need to cook it, or food that I can throw in the oven at the last minute and leave to do its own thing. There are also a couple of tried and tested meals in there that I have blogged before and the links are there if you want to try the recipes yourself.

THURSDAY: lamb burgers in buns with sweet potato chips

FRIDAY: giant sausage roll, new potatoes and peas

SATURDAY: shop-bought pizza and onion rings

SUNDAY: lemon chicken tray bake

MONDAY: spaghetti and sausage meatballs

TUESDAY: lasagne and garlic bread

WEDNESDAY: tuna fishcakes, new potatoes and broccoli.

Quite a few cheats in there for a busy week. Saturday night’s pizza is a real cop out but I’m not ashamed. So there. Ready-made, ready rolled-puff pastry for the giant sausage roll. Yeah, wot of it?! AND I bought a jar of white sauce for the lasagne. So sue me!

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