Lucy’s list – December (week one)

My girls have had the major lurgy this week. Horrid cough. Streaming noses. Really nasty. My youngest seemed to take it really badly and hasn’t been at all herself. She has been eating very little solid food because her throat is so sore. Even soft food was turned away in favour of yoghurt, gravy and banana (not altogether). And to top it all off, The Husband has had a lot of late nights at work. So cooking sometimes becomes less “me time” and more “frantic getting it done” time. But when they’re poorly I want them to eat well so their little bodies can recover quickly so I stick to the plan.

Admittedly there were a few lazy cheats in there this week. I used jarred white sauce on the lasagne. Yes, I know. Dreadful. I could’ve made my own. It is quick and easy. I have done it a thousand times before. My eldest daughter was at home that day but had perked up by the afternoon. We very rarely get to cook together these days, like we did when she was a toddler, so it was lovely to have some real quality time with her in the kitchen. I showed her how to use a sharp knife safely so she chopped the carrots and peppers for me. I let her tip the raw mince into the pan, showing her how to avoid touching the hot edge of the pan with her hand. She helped to layer up the lasagne in the dish and sprinkle the top with cheese. It was really lovely spending time with her. We are always rushing to and fro school, or from karate to swimming to choir, so a jar of white sauce was an easy trade to make to have that little bit of just me and her.


MONDAY: homemade lasagne

TUESDAY: DIY Chinese takeaway – seared steak in honey, Chinese cabbage in sweet chilli, mushroom fried rice and prawn crackers

WEDNESDAY: spaghetti and sausage meatballs

THURSDAY: cheesy jackets and tinned spaghetti

FRIDAY: breaded fish, chips and frozen veg

SATURDAY: crab and sweetcorn noodle soup

SUNDAY: homemade chicken and veg pie with broccoli

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