Lucy’s list – November (week three)

This week on that there Twitter on t’internet I had a debate about burger cheese. Yes, it’s toxic orange. Yes, it’s heavily processed junk. Yes, it doesn’t really taste of much. But I NEED it in my burger! I should add that we are a fairly puritan household when it comes to cheese. Mature or extra mature cheddar is a staple. There’s always a wedge of parmesan knocking about. You will not find any Cheesestrings or Dairylea Lunchables in my fridge. With the exception of Babybels, you won’t find much in the way of processed cheese under my roof. But the cheese slice is different. I don’t use for anything except going in burgers. It somehow adds something to it. Maybe it’s the texture? Maybe it helps hold it all together so you don’t inexplicably end up with more burger than bun at the end. How does that even happen anyway?! So burger cheese is here to stay. I make no apologies for it.


We also had lots of lovely roast pork this week leftover from last Sunday’s lunch. The roast itself is always a lot of effort but it’s worth it for the quick and easy dinners I can throw together during the week. I kept the dripping from the meat too and used it in the curry and for this week’s roast potatoes. In a week that has seen a lot in the media about Britain’s massive food wastage, it feels good to use up all the odds and ends.

MONDAY: lamb chops, boiled new potatoes, garlicky balsamic roasted cauliflower, broccoli, peppers and onions with gravy and mint sauce

TUESDAY: wholewheat pesto penne with broccoli and peas

WEDNESDAY: pork fajitas with lettuce, grated cheddar and soured cream

THURSDAY: homemade beefburgers in buns with onion rings

FRIDAY: cheeky Burger King after watching the Christmas light switch-on!

SATURDAY: pork and green bean curry, brown rice and naan bread

SUNDAY: roast chicken, carrots, brussel sprouts, spuds, bread sauce and gravy.

I’ve blogged my recipe for lamb burgers before here. My beefburger recipe is pretty similar:

1lb lean steak mince
1 tsp minced garlic
1 egg
Worcester sauce
Black pepper
1 tbs caramelised onion chutney.

Mix it all up, form into four patties, rest for 20 minutes if you have time, then griddle or grill for six to eight minutes each side. KAPOW!


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