Lucy’s list – November (week two)

Another busy week has flown by! Being back on the school run (mostly in the pouring rain) after half term has its ups and downs. I have my house back for a start! Even with the marauding toddler, the place is tidier and less chaotic. It’s a relief to get back into our normal routine and I have more time for housework. Probably deathly dull to lots of you but it keeps me content in my own little bubble.

So what did we eat this week? I hadn’t noticed until now that we had a lot of veggie meals this week. Turns out this was good preparation for Sunday’s meat overload!

MONDAY: cheesy tuna pasta bake (basically my macaroni cheese recipe but with peas, sweetcorn and a couple of tins of tuna thrown in – classy!)

tuna bake

TUESDAY: mushroom and squash risotto (before sparklers in the garden!)


WEDNESDAY: homemade cream of tomato soup with crusty bread

tomato soup

THURSDAY: stir fried veggie noodles with a fried egg and spring rolls


FRIDAY: Chinese takeaway

SATURDAY: bit of a picky grazing day!

SUNDAY: slow roasted pork crackling joint, spuds, carrots, mixed veg, apple sauce and gravy

roast pork

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