Lucy’s list – November (week one)

Yes, yes, I know I’m a bit late this month. I blame half term and those pesky kids.

Anyway, after last month’s Jamie Oliver meat fest, it’s a bit of a relief to get back to my own food. I missed the freedom of doing things my way, adapting my favourite meals to suit my mood. Instinctive cooking, rather than following strict recipes. Or what I call “chuck it all in and see what happens” cooking.

And my bill at the butcher was back to my thrifty comfort level too. It would’ve been £65 for the whole month but the butcher offered me 20 (yes, TWENTY!) chicken kebabs on skewers from his freezer for £8. His leftover summer stock, I presume. I don’t usually deviate from my shopping list but it was too good to resist. I bagged them up into portions of five and put them in my freezer. They’ll make excellent quick teas for my girls, griddled from frozen if I’m in hurry. Or come Christmas, when unexpected visitors come a-calling, I’ll be able to rustle up some quick party food!

So from the butcher this month for £73, I bought:

6 x lamb chops

6 x pork loin steaks

3 x chicken breasts

2 x 1lb steak mince

1lb lamb mince

1lb sausagemeat

3 x sirloin steaks (they’re big’uns too!)

1 x whole chicken

3kg pork crackling joint (it’s massive and will feed us for a week)

20 x chicken and pepper kebabs.

It’s more than I usually spend but that’s a pretty good haul, I think, particularly with the giant pork joint and sirloin steaks.

But this week’s menu was primarily using up the last few bits in the freezer so we ate…

MONDAY: crab briks and veggie fried rice with hoisin and sweet chilli dipping sauces

TUESDAY: lemon chicken tray bake (recipe here)

WEDNESDAY: fusilli Bolognese bake

THURSDAY: I went to see The Lion King in London and ate at Byron Burger and, by Jove, it was awesome!

FRIDAY: Out at the local fireworks display

SATURDAY: lamb liver and bacon with oven chips, fried onions, peas and gravy (this is one of the few raw meats that makes me squeamish so I always ask the butcher to trim and slice it – minimal preparation from me!)

SUNDAY: homemade shepherds’ pie topped with swede mash, served with braised red cabbage.


shepherds pie

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