Mug Hugs!


There’s a lovely lady called Katie on Facebook who’s rather clever with a crochet hook. She makes and sells all manner of wonderful things through her company, Knots & Keys. One of my most favourite things is her Mug Hug; pretty little covers for your tea or coffee cups that keep your brew warm and double up as a coaster.


Katie has very kindly decided to start selling the pattern for her Mug Hugs on Ravelry for a bargain price of £2.50 so now everyone can share the Mug Hug love! But she needed testers for the pattern so I gamely volunteered*.

(*hounded her into submission)

As a novice at crochet I felt sure that if I could master the pattern, anyone could! And it would help Katie to iron out any blips in the pattern. I was also a bit scared that I’d mess it all up and end up with nothing remotely useful!

At first glance I always think crochet patterns look like some sort of indecipherable enigma code and panic a bit. But once I look at it properly and work out the abbreviations (often there is a handy key), it slowly starts making sense. This particular pattern was my first ever attempt at a magic loop. I searched YouTube for a tutorial on how to make one. It’s actually really straight forward once you know how.

This was also the first circular thing I’ve made. Until now it’s been all granny squares, blankets and scarves. It made a nice change and was a good shape to follow. It all started out swimmingly and looked exactly as it should…

magic loop

Then my fifth round went wrong. I had far too many stitches and I didn’t understand why, as I’d been following the pattern closely, checking, counting and checking again. It looked sort of like a Mug Hug ought to look but it was too big. Instead of hugging my mug, it would sort of drape itself around it, like a drunkard slumped on the bar. Cue frantic email to Katie for help!

Anyway, Katie was really patient with me and has added some extra notes to the pattern for clarity’s sake (ie idiots like me). And away I went. The beautiful pastel Aran yarn was a gift from Sophie. It’s quite chunky so I didn’t do as many rows as the pattern suggested. I was worried about getting a mouthful of wool instead of coffee. With hindsight, I think I could’ve added another row.

2nd colour

The border took a couple of attempts too but I think this was purely because it’s the first time I’d done it.


I’m sure it’ll be much faster and easier next time. All in all a lovely little pattern that’s fast and fairly easy to make, even for a beginner like me!


I wasn’t paid for this post but I was given the pattern to test for free. You can buy the pattern here and for more information on Katie’s other wares, visit her Facebook page: Mention the discount code ‘PIEHUG’ for free postage on any purchases!



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