Lucy’s List – October (weeks 2 & 3)

I know, I know. I’ve been totally lame with Lucy’s List. Truth be told, I’ve had a whole run of bad luck over the last couple of weeks – our boiler needs completely replacing (ouch!). It’s a long, tedious tale that I won’t subject you to but I then pulled a muscle in my back lugging buckets of water upstairs in a manner most Victorian.

As if that wasn’t enough, my mobile phone, house phone and kettle all packed up in the same week. I am a curse on technology! Consequently, although I have been sticking to my meal plan, I haven’t been able to take many lovely foody photos for you and the ones I did take are stuck on my dead phone. Or floating above us somewhere in the techno wiff waff. VERY ANNOYING.

Week 2

Anyway, my month of Jamie continues. I blogged about the Week of Beef here, and the following week I did TWO of his “mothership” roasts in one week! We had lamb on Sunday, with enough leftovers for Monday’s supper, and his salmon recipes for the rest of the week.

SUNDAY – slow roasted shoulder of lamb, spuds, carrots, broccoli and real gravy

MONDAY – leftover lamb and green bean curry, brown rice and popadoms

TUESDAY – Jamie’s hangover noodles (this was our meat-free day!)

WEDNESDAY – roasted salmon with potato and green salads

THURSDAY – salmon filo pie, new potatoes and peas

FRIDAY – smoked mackerel carbonara

SATURDAY – Chinese takeaway!

The lamb was lovely but I do find a shoulder joint a bit too fatty. I much prefer a neck fillet or lamb chops but you definitely get more value from the larger joint. The big bone is hard to navigate around, particularly as I had to remove all the meat ahead of Monday’s curry night. Very fiddly. And greasy fingers. Not my favourite thing to do. The curry was awesome though. I blogged my curry recipe here. I used the same spices but in this case I used a tin of tomatoes and some stock instead of coconut milk. The lamb is very rich in itself and I wanted the sauce to be a bit lighter.

And onto the fish. It was much cheaper to buy two packs of four salmon fillets on offer for £10 than a whole side of salmon, as Jamie suggests. Nevertheless I did cook all eight fillets at once and it was handy having them ready to use in the following night’s pie. THE PIE. This was delicious. I thought it might be a bit bland and watery but it was really tasty and the texture was surprisingly solid. It was huge so we had enough left to eat cold for lunch for several days afterwards! For £10 of fish, I thought that was very good value.

The only downside, as I mentioned after the beef saga, is that it gets a bit dull having the same protein several days in a row.

Week 3

This week I have an immense joint of pork. Bloody enormous. But OMG, the crackling!

SUNDAY – slow roasted pork, apple and swede mash, glazed carrots, balsamic red cabbage and real gravy

MONDAY – leftover pork dumplings, hoi sin and sweet chilli dipping sauces, brown rice and veg

TUESDAY – BBQ pork tacos, lettuce, peppers, grated cheddar and yoghurt

WEDNESDAY – mustard chicken, dauphinoise potatoes and greens

THURSDAY – squash and chickpea stew with bulgar wheat

FRIDAY – broccoli and cauliflower cheesy pasta bake

SATURDAY – takeaway night!

I really enjoyed yesterday’s pork. In fact, I liked the side dishes more than the meat! The cabbage was particularly lovely and very easy to do in the midst of cooking a big roast. I shredded it and added it to a pan with a softened red onion, some balsamic vinegar, a dollop of jam and left to braise gently for 20 minutes or so.

I’m a bit nervous about the pork dim sum tonight. I don’t use my steamer very often, the last time was for yet another Jamie Oliver recipe for coconut buns that turned out heavy and bland. Wish me luck!

Hopefully I’ll get my mobile sorted and I’ll be back in the modern era once again. With photos!

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