Got beef?


So how many meals can you get from one (massive) joint of beef brisket? I think we did pretty well actually. From 2kg of beef, we managed a huge roast dinner, a big hearty stew and a homemade lasagne. These meals easily fed the four of us with leftovers for The Husband’s lunches too. I had to be a little bit strict with picky fingers raiding the fridge but there really was a heck of a lot of meat and generous portions for us all.

The roast dinner was epic.


The raw beef was smeared with mustard and scattered with fresh rosemary from the garden.


It was covered with wet greaseproof paper, then sealed with foil and cooked slowly for four or five hours. I kept topping it up with a splash of water here and there so don’t make any plans to go anywhere if you’re going to cook this. It’s definitely a lazy day at home recipe! Sealing it in and adding water ensured I didn’t end up with beef jerky but beautifully moist, fall apart meat. Drool…


The good thing about Save With Jamie


… is that he gives directions for the whole meal. So the timings are correct for all the trimmings – proper roast spuds, real gravy (Sophie will be particularly proud of me for that!), swede and carrot mash, cabbage and the all-important Yorkshire puds.




The following day I made a stew by vaguely following one of Jamie’s recipes for the leftover beef. I used bulgar wheat instead of pearl barley. Being really honest, I don’t think it was as flavoursome as my own beef stew but it was still a good meal. Heavy, stodgy, rib-sticking grub.


The pulled beef lasagne was so good I didn’t even manage to get a photo of it! I’ve never made a lasagne with anything other than minced beef so this was a really nice change.

BUT. And here’s the ‘but’, WE WERE SO SICK OF BEEF! I always make sure we get a good balance of meals through each week and this just wasn’t the same. Red meat isn’t something we normally eat in this quantity. I felt quite sluggish by the end of the week. The meat-free meal I cooked that week was a blessed relief!  I could have frozen the leftovers in portions to make the stew and lasagne later in the month, which is something Jamie recommends doing. This would have been possible if I’d done a weekly shop at the butcher’s but my freezer already contained a month’s worth of massive joints of meat! Maybe that’s my fault though, not Jamie’s. One thing I can say though is that I’m slightly dreading next week’s lamb…


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