Lucy’s list – September (week 3)

So here we are again. Halfway through the month. I’ve got another meal plan for you with some tasty meal ideas, including a fish day, a meat-free day and a few short-cut ingredients too for those busy days when time is short and you can’t be doing with the faff of it all!

As always, my shopping list assumes you have a good number of store cupboard ingredients in stock (herbs, spices, stock cubes and the like). And I will totally judge you if you don’t, okay?

MONDAY – rainbow veggie bulgar wheat
TUESDAY – sticky mustard pork loin steaks, sweet potato wedges and broccoli
WEDNESDAY – chicken fajitas, salad, sour cream and grated cheese
THURSDAY – fusilli Bolognese bake
FRIDAY – scampi, oven chips and peas
SATURDAY – sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice and sesame prawn toast
SUNDAY – lentil and veggie cottage pie with runner beans

Shopping list:

sweet potatoes
runner beans
crunchy lettuce
strong cheddar
sour cream
sesame prawn toasts

tin of chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
wholewheat fusilli pasta
jar of white sauce (I have enough to do, ok?!)
jar of sweet and sour sauce
2 sachets of brown microwave rice (one less pan to wash!)
tinned lentils
baked beans

oven chips
breaded scampi

4-5 pork loin steaks
6 x skinless chicken breasts
1lb lean steak mince

Feels like a bit of a lazy menu this week. It happens from time to time, I guess. Next week’s is a bit more hands-on. Stay tuned!

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