Lucy’s list – September (week 2)

You may recall last week’s plan had a proper Sunday lunch with roast chicken. The leftovers (what do you mean, there aren’t any?!) are used to make a lovely chicken pie in this week’s plan.

As previously, the shopping list assumes you stock all the usual store cupboard stuff – herbs, spices, etc). There will also feature the usual meat-free day, fish day, proper Sunday lunch and a few lazy cheat ingredients!

I’ll be blogging the recipes for Friday’s crabcakes and Saturday’s curry so keep a look out for those.

MONDAY – chicken and mushroom pie with mixed veg
TUESDAY – gammon steaks with pineapple rings, oven chips and peas
WEDNESDAY – sausages, mash, onions, broccoli and gravy
THURSDAY – cheesy jackets, coleslaw, peas and sweetcorn
FRIDAY – homemade crabcakes, brown rice and stir-fry veg
SATURDAY – beef and green bean curry, brown rice and popadoms
SUNDAY – lamb chops, roasted butternut squash, carrots, cabbage and gravy

Shopping list:

puff pastry (no one really makes their own, do they?!)
strong cheddar
jacket potatoes
potatoes for mashing
bunch of spring onions
stir-fry veg (baby corn, long stem broccoli, anything you fancy)
green beans
butternut squash

2 tins of white crab meat
2 tins of John West dressed crab (brown meat)
4 sachets of brown microwave rice (one of my favourite cheat ingredients!)
tinned sweetcorn
tin of coconut milk
ready-made popadoms
tin of mushroom soup
tin of pineapple rings

mixed veg
oven chips

gammon steaks
6-8 good quality sausages
1lb diced beef skirt
6-8 lamb chops

So what do you think? Does anything catch your eye? What are you cooking this week?

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