Lucy’s List – July (week 1)

OH MY GOD, IT’S TOO HOT! I don’t like it. I don’t like doing three school runs in this heat. I don’t like sweat – back sweat, under boob sweat, sweat of the nether regions (it’s not just me, is it?!), or even *shudder* other people’s sweat! Ugh. I don’t like sun cream. Sticky, greasy sun cream on my clammy, hot children. I don’t like the extra washing. I don’t like flies coming in through my open windows. I don’t like getting tangled in my bedding and thrashing about trying to sleep and failing. I don’t like eejits driving like utter plonkers with their soft tops down, their engines revving, and their chav music blaring. I don’t like drippy, sticky, melty ice lollies in the hands of my youngest child. I don’t like the blisters from that pair of sandals that were mega comfy last year but this year seem to be made from barbed wire. I don’t like the burning thigh chaffage I get if I wear a dress. I don’t like all the grass and dead things floating in the padding pool.


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WIWTM – June 2015

I seem to have used more pads than usual this month. My period wasn’t any longer than it normally is – four days – and it didn’t feel particularly heavy. I think the warmer weather just makes me more aware of wearing them and I feel like I want to change more frequently to stay feeling fresh and dry.

I’m still a sucker for a beautiful bamboo velour but I’ve been reaching for my cotton jersey pads lately. For me, they feel more comfortable and less hot. Being the same fabric as my knickers helps too. I’m wearing more pantyliners generally throughout the month, particularly around ovulation. No one likes a sweaty undercarriage on a hot day, do they?!

So here is my What I Wore This Month…



TOP ROW (left to right):
~ My Little Patch medium suedecloth wetbag
~ SMJAE large cotton wetbag

~ 3 x Homestead Emporium bamboo velour Ultiminis
~ Homestead Emporium bamboo velour Ultimax Slim
~ Beau Bespoke bamboo velour 14″ night
~ Environmenstrual cotton velour 13″ night

THIRD ROW (l-r):
~ Tenderoni Collection cotton 13.5″ night
~ Lady Days bamboo velour 14.5″ Lady Luxury night
~Lady Days bamboo velour 11.5″ Lady Luxury heavy
~ Lady Days cotton 11″ heavy
~ Lady Days cotton jersey 11″ heavy
~ Mama Kloth cotton 11.5″ Curvy heavy

~ Ruby’s Place cotton jersey 12″ moderate
~ Tenderoni Collection cotton 11.5″ regular
~ Moon and Stars Pads cotton jersey 12″ regular
~ Mama Kloth organic cotton 11″ heavy
~ 3 x Homestead Emporium bamboo fleece HalfWrap pantyliners


What are your favourite fabrics or go-to brands to keep you cool and dry through the summer months? Pop a comment below!

Silent Sunday (28/6/2015)


Lucy’s List – June (week 4)

Oh, gawd. So tired. I can confirm that drinking a pint of full sugar, full caffeine Coke right before bed is a bad idea. I know, right?! Urgh. As some of you may know, I used to drink a lot of fizzy pop. Originally it was Diet Coke. When I used to commute to London for work, I lived on the stuff. Then, as a stay-at-home mum, I cut right back to only having a couple of glasses in the evening. The same way a lot of parents have a glass or two of wine after the kids are in bed. My glass of pop signified the end of a busy day. My chance to relax and unwind.
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Tender Loving Cloth: Microliner review

Marie at Tender Loving Cloth (TLC) sent me this pretty little microliner to test for her…


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Silent Sunday (21/6/2015)


Lucy’s List – June (week 3)

Summer is here! We’ve had lovely weather this week. The girls have been playing barefoot in the garden every day after school and again after dinner. It’s great to see them coming in at bedtime, grubby and tired and happy. I hope they remember these days of childhood.

Meanwhile we have a new member of the family! I’d like you all to meet Enid…

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