And now…

… the end is near.

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the time being. I almost feel like, at this point, I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say. It’s been the best two years. I’ve met so many wonderful people online as a result of my writing. It’s opened up doors and possibilites I’d never imagined.

It has always given me such great joy to share my recipes with you all. They aren’t fancy. I’m not a trained photographer, and certainly not a trained chef! I cook simple food that I like to eat, for myself and my family, and I hope I’ve helped a few people to try new things or start cooking from scratch for their own children.


And then there is the muff fluff! Two years ago I would never EVER have contemplated writing about such an intimate, personal topic as periods and cloth sanitary pads. I wish I’d kept track of how many people I’ve converted to cloth. I lost count a long time ago! But I feel so proud of that achievement because I know how genuinely life changing the switch can be. It certainly changed my life and the way I think about my body. I hope I have passed some of that acceptance and confidence on to some of you.


If it weren’t for this blog, I would never have taught myself to crochet. And now, two years on, The Pie Patch Shop is flourishing. It is still a tiny fledgling business but it is more than I ever thought possible and that is where I need to focus my time and energy. There is still so much I’d like to accomplish. So the blogging will take a back seat for now so that I have the time to spend on my hooky delights.


So this will be my final post for now. The Pie Patch Facebook page will remain active and I won’t shut the blog down or remove it. I’ll leave it here for those of you who like to refer back to my recipes from time to time. And there is lots of useful information for people just starting out with their cloth pads and I’d like that to remain available, floating about in the cosmic interfluff.

I have one final thing to ask. I would love it if all of my readers and social media followers could show their support and give my Facebook business page a ‘like’. There are a lot of you and it would do wonders to help my posts reach more people. You can find me at or on Instagram and Twitter as @ThePiePatch

So I bid you all adieu. Au revoir. Goodbye for now. Thank you all so much for all your support. For every one of you who ever ‘liked’, shared, commented, retweeted, or just clicked to read more, THANK YOU.

The Treat Trove

You may have noticed recently that monthly pampering boxes are becoming a bit of a thing. Particularly ‘period boxes’, usually filled with practical stuff (pads, tampons, cups, wipes, that sort of thing) as well as a few treats (choccies, candles, scented bits and bobs, stuff for neutralising the rage within!).

For those of us who actually enjoy our moontime, it’s a little bit of indulgence to mark the occasion. And for those people for who struggle with their periods, a monthly box of goodies is something to look forward to that isn’t cramps and loose bowels!

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Silent Sunday (5/7/2015)


Lucy’s List – July (week 1)

OH MY GOD, IT’S TOO HOT! I don’t like it. I don’t like doing three school runs in this heat. I don’t like sweat – back sweat, under boob sweat, sweat of the nether regions (it’s not just me, is it?!), or even *shudder* other people’s sweat! Ugh. I don’t like sun cream. Sticky, greasy sun cream on my clammy, hot children. I don’t like the extra washing. I don’t like flies coming in through my open windows. I don’t like getting tangled in my bedding and thrashing about trying to sleep and failing. I don’t like eejits driving like utter plonkers with their soft tops down, their engines revving, and their chav music blaring. I don’t like drippy, sticky, melty ice lollies in the hands of my youngest child. I don’t like the blisters from that pair of sandals that were mega comfy last year but this year seem to be made from barbed wire. I don’t like the burning thigh chaffage I get if I wear a dress. I don’t like all the grass and dead things floating in the padding pool.


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WIWTM – June 2015

I seem to have used more pads than usual this month. My period wasn’t any longer than it normally is – four days – and it didn’t feel particularly heavy. I think the warmer weather just makes me more aware of wearing them and I feel like I want to change more frequently to stay feeling fresh and dry.

I’m still a sucker for a beautiful bamboo velour but I’ve been reaching for my cotton jersey pads lately. For me, they feel more comfortable and less hot. Being the same fabric as my knickers helps too. I’m wearing more pantyliners generally throughout the month, particularly around ovulation. No one likes a sweaty undercarriage on a hot day, do they?!

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Silent Sunday (28/6/2015)


Lucy’s List – June (week 4)

Oh, gawd. So tired. I can confirm that drinking a pint of full sugar, full caffeine Coke right before bed is a bad idea. I know, right?! Urgh. As some of you may know, I used to drink a lot of fizzy pop. Originally it was Diet Coke. When I used to commute to London for work, I lived on the stuff. Then, as a stay-at-home mum, I cut right back to only having a couple of glasses in the evening. The same way a lot of parents have a glass or two of wine after the kids are in bed. My glass of pop signified the end of a busy day. My chance to relax and unwind.
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