Spinach and ricotta cannelloni (serves 4-6)

I made my own cannelloni! I’m a bit impressed with myself!

I tried once before to make this dish. I bought the dried cannelloni tubes and the filling was a dryer mixture of mushrooms and butternut squash. It was a disaster. A big, faffy, messy disaster.

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Lucy’s List – August (week 3)

Six weeks with an extra pair of hands at home and no school run are starting to show. I’m feeling a bit … blurgh. Too many treats. Not enough exercise. BLURGH.

I’m noticing a difference in my skin and my energy levels. I need to get motivated to take better care of myself, even more so now that the weather has turned towards autumn and we’ll be going out and about less. I’m stuck in a food rut. I need new inspiration.

I’m thinking about switching from a weekly online food shop to a couple of smaller supermarket shops. As much as I adore Ocado (the BEST online supermarket there is), I’m now struggling to keep our week’s shopping within our £80 budget (not including the £60 we spend each month at the butcher!) The girls are getting older and NEVER. STOP. EATING. And the prices of everything just keep on rising.

However, the switch isn’t an easy one to make. We have no car and I have a toddler at home. A single big shop isn’t feasible – I wouldn’t be able to carry it all! A twice-weekly supermarket shop would mean choosing between the two supermarkets that are on a bus route – Sainsbury’s or Aldi. Both are around a 30-minute bus ride each way, then I’d have to negotiate the shop with a buggy and a basket, before lugging it all home again, without any frozen stuff defrosting en route. Do-able but such a faff. On the plus side, it’d certainly be a bit of extra exercise! I wonder if I’ll save enough money to buy a car?!


MONDAY: bank holiday takeaway

TUESDAY: spinach and ricotta cannelloni


WEDNESDAY: bacon, squash and chickpea stew

THURSDAY: homemade pizza, onion rings and corn on the cob

FRIDAY: BBQ baked beans and sweet potatoes

SATURDAY: king prawn and chorizo pilaf

SUNDAY: slow roasted oxtail and roasted root veg

From the veg patch: Spuds, glorious spuds!

We finally dug up the spuds yesterday and it was a bumper crop! They started flowering weeks ago but I’d been putting off harvesting until we’d used up the shop-bought potatoes in the fridge. Well we’re at the end of the summer holidays and the fridge is bare, along with the bank account! And this is where growing your own really is worthwhile. Even a couple of potato plants grown in a bucket could help to stretch out the meals through the long week before pay day.
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Night pads: How big is too big?

I do love a longer pad. Even when my period is almost finished and I need a thinner pad, I still prefer it to be around 11 or 12 inches for the daytime. Nights are a different matter altogether. I like BIG. I need to be comfy and I can’t be comfy with a short pad. Even if it’s a well-fitting pad, I can’t sleep unless I know I’m properly covered from front to back.
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Silent Sunday (24/8/2014)


Simple lime pie

I saw this recipe on a scrimpers’ forum. It seemed super easy and thrifty too but still good enough to knock up for a dinner party or summer get together. It only has five ingredients and doesn’t involve any cooking at all. It also contains all the calories in the world, so don’t eat it on your own, straight from the tin, with a spoon … nope. Definitely not.
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Courgette and sweetcorn fritters (serves 4-6)

I’ve seen a few people on my social media feeds who have a glut of courgettes and marrows from their veggie patches. Growing your own produce is awesome but you do sometimes need to have a creative repertoire of useful recipes for when you get an unexpectedly bumper crop. You don’t necessarily want to be eating courgettes for an entire week but nor do you want them to go to waste. So it’s handy to have a few “eat right now” recipes and maybe a couple of “for the freezer” back-up recipes that you can store for when you aren’t quite so sick of the sight of them!
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