Devon Sun Yarns

Waaaaaaay back in March I ordered some sock yarn from the glorious Daisy at Devon Sun Yarns. Sock yarn is a really versatile yarn. Thinner than double knit (DK) and useful for making delicate shawls, shrugs and scarves. But I wanted to make … umm … socks. For all the family! A pair for me, The Husband and our two girls. Now I must admit, this project has since turned into one of those long term makes that I dip in and out of from time to time. One day, we’ll all have a very fancy pair of socks each. But for now, I’ll just show you the wonderful yarn Daisy created for me.
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Green Chix: Review and giveaway

Green Chix is a pad maker with a difference. For a start she does a huge amount for charity. Once she’s covered her own costs, a lot of the profits from her business are donated to various causes close to her.

Then there’s the fact that her products look very different to the usual. They tend to be very bright and have been known to feature fun fur! For this reason they have great appeal for younger girls. They’re a brilliant way to get tweens and teens interested in reusable products and bring a bit of fun to something that can be a confusing and vulnerable time. But what really makes Green Chix pads unique in the cloth pad world, is that they are all sewn by hand. A lot of love and care goes into each and every stitch.

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Silent Sunday (19/10/2014)


Lucy’s List – October (week 1)

It’s time. I’ve given in. The heating has been on this week. And there have been several instances of me falling asleep on the sofa under my enormous crocheted shawl. I can’t help it! It’s so heavy it induces immediate sleep.
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Muff Chat Spotlight: Lady Days

It’s no secret that Lady Days is probably my most favourite cloth pad maker. Oh! Helen, Helen, Helen. She’s a wicked woman. Flaunting her wares all over my Facebook newsfeed. I adore them. It’s a travesty that I’ve been blogging about cloth pads for nearly a year and I haven’t yet written a piece solely about Lady Days. So here it is!

Let’s start with my stash shot. This is my entire collection of Lady Days cloth pads (minus one that I ordered yesterday – oops!):


They are divine. Sigh… shall we just take a moment to gaze upon them…

Top row (left to right): 11-inch original design, 11-inch special edition with hand dyed bamboo velour, 12-inch new slim style, three 14-inch original pads

Bottom row (l-r): six 11-inch originals

The two pads on the far left are kind of cool – a kitsch toy soldier for festive menstruating, and Sagittarius print for birthday bleeding! I don’t know why they amuse me. They just do. And everyone wants to dress their fanjo in style, don’t they? Whatever the occasion!

There are so many reasons why they are my favourites.

The fit of a pad is a very personal thing. What works for one, might not work for another. The original shape is absolutely spot-on perfect for me. They look fairly wide. Chunky. But not bulky or cumbersome. They’re actually only 2.75 inches in the middle, on the tightest snap but the rounded shape gives excellent coverage. The 11-inch pads are my preference for daytime. The 14-inch length is great for nights.

Just look at the fabric placement. The fabulous prints are always positioned just so. Perfectly lined up to make the most of them. It’s this attention to detail that screams “quality”. Even the absorbency markers are perfect. No faffing about trying to remember which colour snaps mean what. Just a neat little label with the absorbency clearly embroidered, so there’s never any doubt.


And then there’s the stitching. The stitching is immaculate. Every. Single. Time. Not a single stitch is out of place. I just don’t know how she does it. She must be a cyborg – part human, part sewing machine. At one with the machine. It’s the only logical explanation.


I’ve never requested a custom order from Helen but ordering from her in-stock selection on the website is SO straight-forward. I order, pay, and within a few days I have a little red mailbag dropping through my letterbox. No fuss. No delays. Just prompt customer service and a product that never fails. It just so happens that Helen restocked her website last night so pop over there now and if you’re quick you might just grab yourself a little slice of loveliness:

The new slim design pad is the newest addition to the Lady Days range. Still the fantastic quality you’d expect but only 2.25 inches in the middle (a good half-inch trimmer than the original design).


The snaps are placed differently on the heavy pad and it is 12 inches (rather than the usual 11). If you need a tighter fit due to slippage, or simply because you are more petite, but still require the length and absorbency of a heavy pad, this is a great option.

Soooo… would you like to win one? Helen has very generously offered one of her 10-inch pads in the new slim design as a prize for my readers. Here it is:


I am slightly jealous because I love this jazzy cotton print! It is a regular pad, with a core consisting of one layer of zorb and one of bamboo, and backed in polar fleece.

If you’d like to win this pad, pop a comment below and I’ll draw a winner on Monday 20th October 2014. Open worldwide. Postage within the UK is covered but an international winner will need to contribute £3 towards shipping.

Sharing is not a requirement but if you’d like to post this link on your social media feeds, I’d be a very happy blogger!

Silent Sunday (12/10/2014)


From the veg patch: Green tomato chutney

Our veggie patch is looking pretty bleak now. It’s nearly time to tidy up and dig it over for the coming winter. Although I love autumn and winter, I always feel a bit sad seeing the garden looking so bare. I miss the excitement of growing things during the dark months. But we’re lucky to have had such a bumper year – blackcurrants, broad beans, apples, potatoes and tomatoes. There are also a few onions growing but they still look quite small.
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