Ronnie’s Rockets

A lady called Tina posted on a crochet forum, asking for volunteers to try out some crochet hooks made by her father. I jumped at the chance and this arrived on my doormat this week…
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Lucy’s List – July (week 3)

I’ve been flat-out busy working on a little crochet project for someone. I’m itching to show you all but it’s a secret for now.

We’ve also had a poorly cat and an expensive vet’s bill to take care of. He’s nearly 10 years old so he’s knocking on a bit but thankfully CrapCatâ„¢ lives to fight another day.

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Aunt Flo’s Fluff: A review

This week I have a review for you of a night pad from Aunt Flo’s Fluff. The maker, Coral, was really hands-on in asking for my preferences before sending out a sample for me to try. And here it is!
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Silent Sunday (20/7/2014)


Carrot and cumin soup (serves 8-10)

We’ve all done it. Picked up a bag of carrots at the supermarket only to find there’s already an unopened bag in the fridge. Or found that they’re on “buy one get one free”, so ended up with two kilos when you only wanted one. And they don’t all fit in the stupid veg drawer!

We are constantly being told how much unopened, unused food we throw away as a nation. So what do you do?

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Olive & Vince: Review and giveaway

I’ve followed Olive & Vince on Facebook and Etsy for ages. They make the most beautiful clothes for children. All with a very classic, timeless feel to them. The style is slightly retro – lots of funky, bright and bold corduroy; long, fresh, cotton nightdresses; clean prints, simple designs for boys and girls. Very, very wearable.
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Lucy’s List – July (week 2)

We’re counting down to the summer holidays here. Being married to a teacher means this is the time of year when we’re all running on empty. Completely and utterly exhausted. When the children are being difficult (erm … all the time), we’re both too tired to deal with them with the patience required and it becomes really strained all round. It’s not been a very happy home lately.

But we’re really looking forward to some late mornings, less scheduled days, as well as some cheap and cheerful days out over the summer. Time for us all to unwind and reconnect as a family unit.

Anyway, still a few more days left. And this week, we’re eating…

MONDAY: cheesy bacon tagliatelle with garlic bread (I may gone overboard with the cheese sauce!)


TUESDAY: naan bread pizza

WEDNESDAY: fish fingers, potato waffles and mixed veg

THURSDAY: cheese and ham salad with new potatoes

FRIDAY: chicken fajitas with all the trimmings


SATURDAY: special fried rice, spring rolls and prawn crackers

SUNDAY: sausage and quinoa stew



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