Lucy’s List – September (week 1)

I’m a bit behind with my meal planning this month because of Zero Waste Week and the first birthday giveaways I’ve been running (still time to enter, if you haven’t already). It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks for my little blog but I’m so chuffed with the response and how well it’s all going.

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WIWTM (What I Wore This Month)

I thought I’d introduce this as a regular feature. Lots of people like to post a photo of this month’s chosen pads on various cloth pad forums. Personally I love seeing them. It can give me ideas for new brands or fabrics I might want to try, as well as just being a good excuse for being totally nosey of course!
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Silent Sunday (14/9/2014)


First birthday bonanza: Foodie giveaway

I struggled a bit with the foodie giveaway for The Pie Patch’s first birthday celebrations. The prize and any postage will be coming from my own pocket and I’ve just spent a small fortune on school shoes and uniform. So I’ve taken the easy option and bought a voucher.

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First birthday bonanza: Cup pouch giveaway

You might recall I made some tiny crocheted uterus pouches for menstrual cups a while ago. Those are still available to buy on the Eco Dreams website.

I made a couple more when I was playing around with different colours, so I thought I’d give them away to two of my readers as part of The Pie Patch’s first birthday celebrations.

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First birthday bonanza: Crochet starter kit giveaway

This is a giveaway for all my hooky fans, to celebrate The Pie Patch’s first birthday.

You may recall I reviewed a beautiful carved crochet hook made by Ronnie’s Rockets. You can read that post here.

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First birthday bonanza: Muff fluff giveaway

One of the people I’ve met through blogging is Tamsin. She writes about reusable menstrual products at The Fit and Fluffy Mama. She’s been such a massive support this year and is generally an all-round good egg. Please do wander over and check out her blog, if you get a second.

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